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Wednesday, April 15, 2015

Special Needs Catalogue

The Windmillers are very busy putting together a WONDERFUL collection of products for our new Special Needs Catalogue.
It’s not ready yet but we are so excited about it we could not wait to share some of the things that will be in it.

There will be products for VISUAL development like our current ones:
Plasma Ball, Boing Large and Build N Roll Xylophone
For AUDITORY development: Answer Buzzers and Hand Bells
For TACTILE / SENSORY experience: Unpredictaball,  Chewy Tube, Kinetic Sand and Squigz
PROPRIOCEPTION is the sense of how our bodies are positioned. We have some great products to assist with this:
Step A Logs, 3 in 1 Toddler Swing, Scooter Board and Physio Rolls
We have wonderful products for FINE MOTOR SKILLS and REHABILITATION including:
Sort'n'Lock, Plui and Rocket Stacking Blocks
For COGNITION there is: Latches Board, Lock Activity Box and Mobilo
Great products are coming for BLOWING and BREATH CONTROL. Some existing ones are:
Puppy Flute and Train Floating Ball Game
COMMUNICATION and SOCIALISATION skills are not overlooked:
Eggspressions and Jumbo Foam Dominoes
And for learning INDEPENDENCE there will be products like:
Lace It Shoe
It's just a sneak peek, but we could not wait to share!

Monday, December 01, 2014

Our new look website

We are very pleased to present you with our new look Windmill website and we hope you enjoy your new online shopping experience. 

The new website features a fresh new design which reflects the friendly and fun experience you will encounter in one of our stores, as well as a smarter, more streamlined framework which now works just as well on your laptop computer as your tablet and even your mobile phone, so now you can browse our fabulous products while sitting at your desk, in the comfort of your home, or even on the bus!