windmill toys

Our Philosophy


To source and supply the best products to support educators in homes, childcare centres, preschools, early learning centres, playgroups, special schools, primary schools, toy libraries, hospitals, and the general public. Many of our products are also suitable for a special needs adults including the elderly.


We believe that excellence in educational opportunities is vital for the physical, mental and social development and well-being of every individual.


Customers come first. Service and Staff welfare are paramount. Fair and transparent pricing is practiced and Windmill endeavours to match competitors’ prices whenever possible. Environmental awareness is encouraged in every aspect of the business, including recycling and sourcing of packaging, paper and products.


Online Security

This is to the highest standard possible and upgraded regularly.

Privacy Policy

Windmill will not divulge any information about customers or staff. Your privacy is guaranteed.


Windmill and Windmill management supports numerous well known charities, environmental groups, humanitarian organizations and indigenous scholarships. Windmill supports thousands of educational institutions through its fundraising and point system. Organisations supported with direct donations include UNHCR, World Wildlife Fund, Medecines Sans Frontieres, The Alfred Foundation, Bush Heritage, The Cancer Council of Victoria and numerous others.

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