Schleich - Assorted Wild Life Animals

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Meet five animals from the African savannahs, lakes and rainforest! Here are a cheetah cub, a giant pangolin (scaly anteater), elegant flamingo, giraffe calf and African elephant calf. Africa is home to an incredible variety of different animal species. Elephants, giraffes and dangerous big cats such as cheetahs roam the hot savannahs of southern and eastern Africa. Giant pangolins forage in the tropical rainforests of central Africa, while flamingos love fishing for crabs in big saltwater lakes. Fun facts: During their first months, baby cheetahs have a long, fluffy mane on the head and neck. Pangolins are the only known mammals with scales. All Schleich models are hand modelled and painted as naturalistically as possible. Excellent for stimulating children's imagination and interest in the natural world. Ages: 3+
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