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Web Orders - Wednesday, November 23, 2016

The Magic Hat set for budding magicians has been an exciting toy for my daughter. Initially the hat was the most exciting item and learning to pull the toy rabbit out of the secret compartment engrossed her for some time. After that she moved on to learning more of the tricks. There are a range of tricks to learn including cards, cups, linking rings and many more. They range from fairly easy to intermediate and some more challenging. The DVD included helps with the more challenging tricks and the paper instructions suffice for the simpler ones. This set would be suitable for children aged 8 – 12 years.

Apart from having a lot of fun with the set I have enjoyed watching my daughter (she was 8 when she received this kit and continues to play with it at age 10) practice and persist until she perfects the tricks. She has also performed some for her class at school which was a great achievement in overcoming shyness. This was a great buy for us and I would definitely recommend this kit for children who like to learn new things and present an air of mystery!

Exclusive Magic Hat

Written by Elizabeth Norton, Melbourne shop extraordinaire!


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